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You got dreams of the lights, but trust me… it’s nothing like you would imagine.



“The next time you forget you’re Blair Waldorf, remember I’m Chuck Bass. And I love you” ...  inspired by (x)


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I find it weird the way people get so excited about celebrity. If my friends are on the phone, their friends will say: ‘Is that kid from Love Actually there?’ And the phone gets passed round and I have to speak to this stranger asking: ‘Are you famous?’ I don’t know how to answer.

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get to know me »  1/10 female characters 
   ↳ Tris Prior (Divergent) 

“She taught me all about real sacrifice. That it should be done from love… That it should be done from necessity, not without exhausting all other options. That it should be done for people who need your strength because they don’t have enough of their own.” 

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I just need you now;

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"Katniss’s first name comes from a plant called sagittaria or arrowhead, which is a tuber plant usually found in water. The root of this plant can be eaten, as Katniss does in the book. Her father once said: "As long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve." The plant also shares its name with a constellation in the Zodiac called Sagittarius, or "The Archer", which may also reference Katniss’s skills in archery. Her last name comes from Bathsheba Everdene, the central character in Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. According to Collins, "The two are very different, but both struggle with knowing their hearts" (x)

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"Headline?" "Swing Set Needs Home," I said. "Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs Loving Home," he said. "Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks the Butts of Children" I said. He laughed. "That’s why." "What?" "That’s why I like you. Do you realize how rare it is to come across a hot girl who creates an adjectival version of the word pedophile?"

If they wanna call us monsters, fine! We’ll act like monsters.